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Arabic for kids

Fayza Arabic Centre is happy to provide Arabic courses for kids starting 6 years old. We use two types of courses based on the child and the parents’ preferences. The first one is an online platform called I Start Arabic for kids who enjoy online learning and who would like to have access to practicing Arabic throughout the week. The second one is the Madinah Arabic Reader series for children who feels more comfortable doing Arabic the traditional way. We provide these two options out of our respect to our client’s choices and preferences. Both types of courses are supported by many resources to help and encourage our students in their journey of learning Arabic and make it full of fun and enjoyment.

Arabic GCSE, A Level & IB

Fayza Arabic Centre is happy to help students working towards their Arabic GCSE, A Level, or IB (International Baccalaureate) exams. We have a wide experience in preparing students for these exams. Dr Amira Elzikrd, the manager and owner of the centre, is a certified examiner with the Edexcel and she has also obtained a certificate of training from the IB Professional Development Centre.

Arabic for Adults

We use Mastering Arabic 1 & 2 to introduce and develop Arabic language for adults. It is a book written by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar that has proved its success with many of our students. The book is available on Amazon and has a free website providing many extra free materials for the students like audios, videos, power points and printable material. 

Spoken Arabic for Adults

Adults or teenagers who are interested to develop their spoken Arabic to be able to communicate in the everyday life are more than welcome to try this course with us. If you have been learning Arabic for some time but you are still struggling with your speaking skill, then this is the right course for you. We use a book called Spoken Standard Arabic, written by Shukri B. Abed and Arwa Sawan, and available on Amazon. It also has its free website through which the student can benefit from a wide range of videos and exercises. The book was very successful with all our students who used it.

Arabic for understanding Quran

Fayza Arabic Centre is pleased and proud to introduce Adam Jamal Quranic course. We have a high calibre team who has been trained by Imam Adam Jamal himself and who are working under the supervision of brother Amjad Rahman. The prerequisite to this course is being able to read in Arabic. The course aims at helping students to understand Quran in Arabic. In this course, Arabic language is introduced through the text of the Quran only focusing on the high frequency words and grammatical points in a simple way that is not interested in grammatical terms. The book is purchased through Fayza Arabic Centre, and it covers the first three levels. Each level takes 20 teaching hours to be complete. The course is supported by Adam Jamal app, the subscription of which is included in the book fees. 

Tailored Arabic courses

Fayza Arabic centre team is happy all the time to tailor courses for learners with different needs, backgrounds, and Levels. The objective all the time is helping everyone to learn and develop their skills in using Arabic language. You are most welcome all the time to approach us with needs different from the ones offered above. We will do our best to find the right course for you.



In Fayza Arabic Centre we teach Arabic language to all age groups starting 6 years old. We are happy to help you learn Arabic whatever your reason for learning Arabic is, and no matter what your level and background is. Teaching Arabic is our full-time job. Our teaching team is available 7 days a week and is always glad to help. We use a big range of books to serve the different needs and backgrounds of our students. We also use technology like zoom, quizlet, online platforms and more to provide the best service we can to our students. We are customer oriented, and we like to help.

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